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True HEPA filtration The PureStarô filters 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns and larger.

Air Ionizer Increases the effectiveness of the HEPA and activated carbon filter system by causing particles to magnetically attract together, resulting in larger particles that are easier for the filter to capture.

UV Light UV light is scientifically proven to destroy a large variety of microbial contaminates, such as viruses, germs bacteria and fungi.

Activated charcoal filter Odors are trapped by an activated charcoal filter before air re-enters the room.

Programmable Ozonator Powerful odor eliminator, the ozone can be completely disabled if it is not needed or wanted, while still allowing the ionizer and filters to run at full power.

Quiet operation A special airflow design results in superior noise reduction.

Effective Pollen, dust, animal dander, tobacco smoke and other allergens are removed from the air you breathe.

Warranty A 3 year warranty protects your investment.
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