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Our family has several members with allergies, and I believe our TriStar Cleaning System with it's sub-micron filtration system has helped keep the allergy-causing agents in our home to a minimum! It has given us confidence that we are maintaining the cleanliness of our home and, in turn, the health of our family.

Ned E. Hacker
Murray, UT

I own a TriStar and love it. It puts my old vacuum cleaners to shame. I understand the company started just after World War II. My cleaning system was purchased a couple of years ago, so it is the old body style but I consider it the Porsche of vacuum cleaners. It has such a cool retro look.

Gary Miles

My TriStar cleaning system has really outdone itself. I bought the cleaner in 1956 and I still use it almost every day. It has survived four kids and I just can't say enough about it!

Thank you!
Betty Downing
Euclid, OH
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